Kanyo's Darkrunner Guide [not updated for unchained] auramancy battlerage dps pve pvp shadowplay
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  • 1. The Kanyo
  • 2. TypesOfDarkrunner
  • 3. Rotations
  • 4. Builds
  • 5. Gear
  • 6. Lunagems, Lunafrosts and Lunadrops
  • 7. Keybinds/Options
  • 8. Videos
  • 9. Siege
  • 10. TheEndGoal

The Kanyo




*This guide assumes you have some basic knowledge of the game

*Keep in mind the armor/weapons I list are the ideal ones you'd want, for some things I give more than one option and that's for you to decide which one you want to use

*If you're playing on fresh start I'll list the gear to aim for in the gear section

Darkrunner is one of the most mobile classes other than Primeval. Most people and guides will tell you it's a "glass cannon" class with little to no survivability (and it can be) but that is almost entirely based on your gear choice. I prefer taking a Strength/Stamina set (Obs leather) over a pure Strength set (Flame) because I like to play Darkrunner as more of a fighter style class than a glass cannon class, however, gearing this way doesn't lessen your damage output by much and the amount of melee attack you get using a Flame set is simply not worth losing the health an obs leather set gives you (I explain this more in the gear section below).

One of the great things about Darkrunner is that it can adapt and use what ever melee weapon you want to an extent. That being said I do not recommend ever using any type of axe as a main hand, axes are a terrible weapon choice for darkrunner and all melee, they have 20% damage scattering, which means your damage will be very random and inconsistent, however serp axe as an offhand is very good

Again, like weapons, Darkrunner can use most armor types depending on who you're fighting but I'd recommend maining an obsidian leather set (Explained in the gear section). If you really want to minmax for every match up feel free to get a plate and cloth set.

Awareness, Spacing and movement:
Be aware of your surroundings. Sometimes you will have to watch multiple enemies health bars at once and watch their buffs/debuffs and know how to react accordingly. Darkrunner is about fluidity, learn to weave in and out of range constantly and move away as you attack.

•Don't stand near a witchcraft class after you do a rotation

•Don't be out of
range (12 meters) or
range (20 meters) but in archer range (28 meters~)(50m with hatred skills), wait for a gap closer to get in range

•Don't stand near a darkrunner if you know they haven't used
try to use your opening skills first

•Don't waste your cool downs on someone with
up especially with the changes to
you can no longer step attack step attack over and over

if you're far away from an enemy or dropping down in arena because you won't even have enough time to walk to them before the buffs are gone

•Don't stand near someone with witchcraft if they haven't used

*just use common sense*


now grants delirium for every enemy hit with the 3rd swing of the attack so make sure you finish the attack completely, this can also be used to instantly gain delirium in a RvR fight

can now only be used AFTER you are ccd and no longer breaks bubble or TK and does not reduces physical damage so this skill becomes much more valuable

should only really be used against casters no since you can extend the duration by 20 seconds for each player you kill

, and
can no longer be used while immobilized / snared

can now be used while under telekinesis or while bubbled making it very valuable against witchcraft and occultism

3.0 changes this skill a lot adding 15% physical damage reduction decreasing debuffs by 35% but movement speed increase is removed (while active)

If you're dual wielding then take this over the piercing passive in shadowplay but if you're two handing take the piercing passive

no longer combos with overwhelm so it's only used for healing reduction if you want to spec it

can be used for a blood frenzy combo I'll list in the rotation section or to interrupt an enemy. I only use it to interrupt casters though

is now invaluable due to the changes with your gap closers, this is your only defense against snare

3.0 changed this so that it does 98% more damage while in stealth making assassinations easier

now gives attack speed (while active)

3.0 makes this skill incredibly invaluable changing the cd to 18 seconds but REMOVING the chance to reset

3.0 changes this skill increasing its range by 10m while under drop back making it a great skill for getting away as well as initiating

now gives attack speed and more crit than dual wield proficiency so I take it until I have t3 eternal auramancy gems then I get both

I cannot stress enough how much better thwart makes this class and all melee, make sure you always have this up, Attack speed is king, don't be a turtle, be a kanyo.

can now only be used AFTER you are stunned or impaled and no longer reduces magic damage

use this defensively or getting up from a knockdown. You can also use it to wait out shackle or make a 1v2 a 1v1 for a short while but sometimes a DR only needs that few seconds to finish someone off

This point doesn't need to be specd when you get T3 eternal gems for thwart duration

Specific Situations

Fighting Darkrunners (mirror match)
DR vs DR comes down to who parries the most or who gets shackle off first

Fighting Tanks (Redoubt)(Blighter, Abolisher, swiftstone)
aka the win button (Shout out to my boy rischie). This skill makes you irrelevant to the game for 20 seconds.
prevents the enemy from being knocked down and can negate all damage entirely due to the block rate increase. If your enemy pops redoubt, make like your class and run.
If you aren't able to kill your opponent in one rotation then you have to use your speed to get away and reset. Sometimes it can take 3 or more full rotations to kill a geared player, in this case just be persistent, go in get the knockdown first and get out, stealth if you have to reset the fight. You won't always be able to kill everyone in one rotation.

Fighting healers (Argent, Paladin, Templar)
The key to fighting healers is persistence, the fights you'll have with most healers are very methodical, you have to know the timings for their heals, notice when they're about to heal and get a knock down just before, if your timing on chaining your trip locks is solid you'll be able to keep them down for a good 5 seconds.

You'll want to keep using
next to them and
if you have it to reduce healing

Usually healers will
getting up from a knock down or
coming out of
so you can
them to interrupt it and give yourself some time for skills to come off cool down.
If you aren't able to leech to wait for cool downs just
and most healers will try to
through it which isn't smart but its good for you. And sometimes all it takes is a million
to kill them
When fighting healers with vitalism/auramancy specifically, be wary of
because you can use
for an interrupt or alternatively trip them

Fighting Witchcraft (Hard counter to Darkrunner)(Daggerspell, Arcanist)
This is where
canceling shines (this does not mean frenzy on shadowblades). Against witchcraft your goal is to dodge or bait
or stealth
, once you do that you can usually get the kill but until you fight a god tier daggerspell you won't know how much it really counters Darkrunner

Fighting archers (Primeval, Stone arrow)
Archer fights are all about spacing and closing the gap. If you
them as an opener and they
away you immediately
to close the gap. being close to an archer reduces their damage. For stonearrow this is different, since they have
you have to either
before they use it or bait it out and stay at a distance until its down. However once a stonearrow has used
they will most likely
and then
to wait for cool downs and get a jump on you by overwhelming out of it so stay at
distance to be ready to go in as soon as its down to catch them before they
. If you
and they have a sleep cloak the only thing you can do it try to get away but at the same time stay in range to be able to catch them going into stealth because for some reason defense classes can't fight without having

As you probably can see from all of this, Darkrunner is very gimped and countered by a lot of classes, it's not easy but it's a low skill floor, high skill ceiling class. But if you're good, Darkrunner has the ability to kill any class.


After playing darkrunner for 2+ years I've played every viable type of darkrunner there is and I'll list them all here and explain the pros and cons of each one

•Full melee attack runner
This type of build goes fully into strength(flame set) trying to maximize the melee attack you can get while sacrificing crit rate and health, this type of build is pretty bad imo. I can't justify the amount of health lost for the amount of melee attack gained.

•Fighter style/balanced darkrunner
This type of build is very decent and is what I played the majority of the time I've played this game. This build balances strength and stamina to have survivability while still maintaining decent melee attack power by using an obsidian leather set. with full strength migration you still have very high melee attack but to really effectively pull off a high melee attack darkrunner with no crit chance you need upwards of 1700-1800 melee attack which is only achievable by having a legendary 2H or better so this is only the second best type of Darkrunner imo

•Full Crit Runner
This type of build sacrifices health and a bit of melee attack to have extremely high crit rate with a full gale set. However, this requires full strength migration to get 100% melee accuracy but by doing so you will have upwards of 70% crit rate all the time with
having 100% crit rate if you back stab.
This type of build is VERY gear dependent and does not work effectively unless you have a legendary t6-7 2H to make up for the loss in melee attack and a gale set and full strength migration

•Hybrid Crit runner
This is the build I will be running on fresh start because It will be very hard to obtain a full gale set.
With this build I will be running DW katana/sword, t4-5 obsidian leather with dahuta cap gale bow and lunafrosts as well as full agility migration which will give me ~58% crit rate all the time and ~93% crit rate when I back stab with

This build allows me to still have a decent amount of health while maintaining a very high crit rate while at the same time being cheap enough to build on fresh start


There are many different "rotations" for Darkrunner depending on the class you're fighting but the more you fight a particular class the more you will learn to adapt, take your losses as a way to learn from what you did wrong and a way to better your self for the next fight.
The best way to learn different rotations and different things to do in certain situations is to watch streams or videos and watch how people play and break down what they're doing.


DR has a few different openers you can start your initial trip with, keep in mind you'll always want to be backstabbing





after one of these openers you can combo into any other trip

For example:

*you'll always want to have
up before you start a fight

Here are the basic "rotations" for each opener




combo specifically can be tricky to do because the enemy can teleport after the
if they do you can
and still get the trip if you're fast enough

most combinations of your trips will work you just have to decide which is better for each situation

sometimes just
will be enough to kill some enemies

(These combos are very simplified and will not always be exactly what happens during a fight, know how to combo your skills out of a rotation)


Blood frenzy is a combo you can do with wallop that increases shadowplay skill damage by 21% (build is listed in the builds section)

to do this combo you need the 9 passive in shadowplay (bloodthirst intensified)


will give 2 bloodthirst
will then trip
will give another 2 totaling at 4
will then give 6 totaling at 10 for the first through third attack and the forth attack will trigger blood frenzy because you have max stacks of bloodthirst
will now have 21% more damage

There's also a way to work
in for an additional 98% damage on smite but I'll leave that for people to figure out


In a group situation
are your best friend
can hit up to 5 enemies and
will trip everyone hit by it

you can either wait for someone to
or anthalon pull then
into the group >

If you have the red dragon nodachi you can use the active then
to get the same effect
(not sure if this still works)


If you ever get someone who just leechruns you here is a combo you can do to counter it

your opponent will
to you. As soon as you see him move you
past him then immediately
back to them and
this can be done with mirror warp as well if you queue it at the right time

if you do get leeched just watch what skill they open with, if they open with
to break the snare and then

if they open with
to break the stun before they
to trip you

If you're having trouble leechrunning you need to spin your character 180 degrees after you
while you press
you can just slide your mouse to one side and it will spin your character inward on your target making it easier to leech


You're main goal for any archer is to stay on top of them at all times, always match their distance if they get away, I'll link a chase fight in the videos section

Primeval combo
because of the changes to cc breaks you can't pre
to stop the slow effect so you have to be watching and be ready to
as soon as you get slowed

The basic combo to catch them is
if they blink away before the triple knock down then>
if they get tripped just continue with

•I open with
rather than
because as soon as I
they will most likely
away and that can disjoint

•This combo will not always work, if the prime is smart he will learn from this and start using
as soon as you connect with them and then start kiting
•Sometimes neither of these will happen and the prime will just be a god at kiting and matching your distance, in that case you'll usually
toward them and they will instantly match that distance by
as well, then of course you'll want to waste
and they'll match that too, if this happens you need to back off and wait for a
to be up

to create distance to get BEL off>

I usually don't burn
unless they've already used reboubt
Since stone arrows don't have
it's safe to open with
because they can't disjoint as easily.
keep in mind that unless you're stacking attack speed this combo will end at the
because most stonearrows are spamming
when they are knocked down.
If you
and they get
off you can either
and run away or just run away and save leech if they get stunned but the
comes up after
For Stonearrows
is your only counter to their
unless you can get the knockdown before they get it off. But if you are consistently doing this combo most stonearrows will
as soon as you
because they are expecting the
. If you see that they are pre
then you can
toward them and then
away to bait it out


This combo doesn't really work anymore but I'll keep it in here anyway
>BOW SHOT to make them think you stalkers marked and wait for purge>
away to dodge fear. As soon as they fear

A more reliable opener is
on top of them then immediately >
to dodge fear if you know they instant fear when you jump on them instead of

Some other openers you can do are:

However, I do not recommend wasting
on a bait.
This opener is good for casters who
as an opener

your main goal here is to use your speed to bait a fear so you don't get oneshot by meteor. You use your mobility to spacing to weave in and out of fear range trying to bait it out. 90% of the time if they miss fear, you win, because most people don't know what to do if they miss it.

*If you happen to get hit by
you can instantly
to dodge the fear


> queue
> use


keep in mind that you can queue
during a

most combination of your movement skills will work


The main build is what I will run when I have t3 eternal auramancy gems (you can run this DW or 2H)

This is 2H build to run if you don't have at least 2 t3 eternal auramancy gems

This is an alternate 2H build for blood frenzy that you must have t3 eternal auramancy gems to do effectively

Here's a DW build to run if you don't have least 2 t3 eternal auramancy gems


**NOTE** everything I list is what I would want, you don't have to get exactly what I say, you can mix and match different weapon types and armors

Imo Divine is the minimum grade you should have on every item, especially for pants

Silent shadow cap Melee damage
Dahuta cap For movespeed back stab damage and crit rate
Silent shadow jerkin Physical defense
Silent shadow breeches Magic defense
Silent Shadow fists Melee crit damage
Silent shadow boots Melee parry rate
Dark warrior's guards (7 set serp guards)
Divine Delphinad desert belt With Lucid eternal auramancy lunagems (This is the minimum belt I recommend)

*Fresh start armor*
You can either go with full GHA armor
or you can go with 4 GHA and 3 Greater Palace cellar armor

You can upgrade these pieces to celestial by using abyssal shards and a few other mats you get from running greater dungeons

Delphinad Arrowflash Cloak With strength / stamina stats
You can also run the Delphinad flaming arrowflash cloak if you're stacking crit

Idealy you'll want a costume with any 5 of these stats
•Magic defense
•Physical Defense
•Melee attack
•Melee critical damage
•Melee critical rate
•Backstab melee damage

Obsidian v2 shield(Voidspell) to switch to if you get slept to reduce the meteor cheese combo damage
Kraken shield
-Shields should only be swapped to if you get slept or knocked down or are about to take a lot of damage, you should always initiate dual wielding or 2 handing

Darkrunner can use almost any weapon, there is no best weapon for this class.
End game you can use multiple weapons to adapt to who you're fighting at the time.

2H for big damage
DW for more utility and versatility

For a two hand nodachi is best for ayanad and greatsword is best for obsidian imo but I think dual wield is better over all because of the options you have

-Any of these for a main hand
imo Katana outshines shortspear because of the recent changes but shortspear is still very good
Moonsong razor (t7)
Ayanad katana Flame or Gale is good
Fatesealer (t7) the stam / thwart stack one is best imo but it's still pretty bad
Earth Shortspear Earth or gale are both good

-Any of these for an off hand
Dancing Queen This is the best affordable offhand
Cold Anguish This for crit chance
Searing Oath This is an alternat option for damage reduction
Endless Thirst this is the best possible offhand imo if you can get it

-Either of these for a twohand
Kingsbane The charge distance is better than the overwhelm version imo
Flame Nodachi For ayanad

*Fresh Start Weapon*
The weapon you'll want to aim for is a mistsong which you can get by upgrading any t1 greater dungeon weapon to a t2 and then upgrading the t2 into an arias autograph to unseal ANY mistsong weapon regardless of the weapon upgraded

*I recommend getting a unique greater dungeon weapon drop and regrading to at least celestial before upgrading to mistsong

-This for a twohand
Doomshadow nodachi once this is t2 it gains an active effect that increased damage and attack speed but decreases defense slightly

-Either of these for a main hand
Wrathsmite axe *note these are t4 versions* This can be dual wielded with the weapon below for a pretty crazy damage boost to the already insane active effect
Superior Wrathsmite axe

Rank 13 halcy neck Because of the defense changes this becomes better than lightning neck
Lightning necklace For defense pen
Wave Earring For damage reduction
Gale ring For defense pen
Flame ring for attack speed
Flawless Dream Ring

Flame bow For melee attack
Gale bow For crit chance

Anthem of battlerage Along with attack speed training this lute decreases you battlerage cooldowns by 1 second or more, on some skills

Sloth Glider For mobility

Lunagems, Lunafrosts and Lunadrops

•If there are multiple options it is up to you to decide which is better for you
•Most Lunafrosts can be bought from the honor vendor and luna gems are bought from the honor vendor or crafted from the handicraft kiln
•Ideally you'll want to full socket lunagems once you get your armor to celestial or higher


Perfect Fire Lunafrost

toughness if you can get hero
4-8 attack speed and the rest Defense if you can't
Stealth detection 20% increase

Revived damage 3% decrease

Lucid eternal auramancy lunagem (increased inspired duration)
Strength +9

Lucid Ancient Battlerage Lunagem (increased triple slash damage)
100 magic def x2
100 physical def x2
Strength +9

Melee parry rate % increase
Melee critical damage 24% increase

Honorbold Experienced lunafrost (335 Toughness)


Welfare version
1 Move speed 3% increase
3-4 Move speed 2% increase

P2W version
3 Move speed 3% increase
1-2 Move speed 2% increase

Move speed 5% increase


All weapons
Focus until you have 2400 then gem melee attack gems
Melee skill damage % increase

Melee attack
Ranged attack % increase

Melee attack



•The G buttons correspond to the side and top buttons on my Logitech G700s Mouse
•1-5 are my actual number keys and 6-0 are rebound to my mouse buttons
•I rebound S to back drop because its a good keybind and backpedaling is slow
•I have my CC breaks
on my mouse
•My { and } keys are bound to left and right on my scroll wheel for
and scroll up is glider boost and space is sloth back roll
•To back flip straight toward someone you have to jump while holding rightmouse down>middle mouse(viewfront)>



Use this if you don't have t3 eternam auramancy gems

Use this if you do