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Guide by NullRage Last update at Apr 13th 2014, 12:53

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Brimstone Blitz 1
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Watch the Build in Action: (feel free to ask me any questions not answered below)


Slot 1: DragonFang's pretty nice. Deathseed maybe? I don't really like "Nightcrawlers Sword", but if you like it go for it.

Slot 2: The White Cloak of Paradise

Slot 3: Black Gloves of PriestHood (4%)

Slot 4: Footstigons!!! (NC Unique is great here too)

Slot 5: Undecided

Legendary: I chose Excalibur. Gungnir is another great option. Feel free to discuss this choice with me on my Twitch.

Blessings: I run 2 Fandral, 2 Hela. But there are a huge number of options here. Quad Loki could be fun :)

Uru-Forged: War Plate

Enchants: 2x Phys Dmg, 3x HP

Runeword: Undecided (currently using and LOVING River of Soul. INFINITE SPIRIT!!!)

Costume affixes: Health or Damage Rating. Your choice.

Artifact Changes: Replace the normal CCoC with a Kung-Fu Fighting Sequence.

Insignia: LvL 60 Epic Beast, 273 Area, 207 melee. (Ideally I want a EPIC Dum Dum with...well theres a lot of options here...)

Team-Up: This is 100% personal preference. Picking a team-up is a lot like picking the hero that you play IMO. Some may be "better" than others but when it comes down to it, If you aren't having fun with your selection then you should choose something else. So team-up with your favorite hero and have fun! I have personally chosen to go with the "best stat / dps increase" of either Spidey or Falcon in full passive mode. I am still debating which one is "better".

While Leveing:

Equip a "Seer's Briliance" Rune Word and use a 1Int 1STR core. This will get you to the INT sweet spot of 6, And you won't have to trade for lifesteal cores. I still stand by the LL core at 60 though. its JUST TOO GOOD! MMMMMM! TASTY!

As for Artifacts, Equip a Starstone Tooth at level 14 and a Scrolls of Pama at 18. Repace the ST with CCoC at 27, and the SoP with Mark of the Odinborn at 32 or SSS at 25. Replace CCoC and SSS with advanced versions when available. Equip Pyms at 45 and Kung-Fu at 55.

Gear? Equip any upgrades that drop. Look out for bonus Physical damage on weapons. Health, Dodge and Regen on Armor. And Crit + Crit damage where available.

The "Rotation":

Step one: Get in! You can use
, or yur wittle feetsies to do this.

Step two:

Step three: Pull everyone in to
. Just cast it a bunch around the edges of the screen.

Step four: Stealth.
if its up.
if its not.

Step five: BOMB!

Step six: Clean up the mess.
, using
on cooldown or "when it feels right" with or without stealth.

On BOSSes: Use
A LOT. KAY done! trololol. Nah really its all you need! you can pop
when you need extra dodge. OH!! And you can use
while you are holding down
to get back on the boss when they move. This will cut down A LOT on X-slash whiffing!

I believe it goes without saying, but just in case: Keep
up at all times!!!