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Stalker Guide by Zedox Last update at Mar 22nd 2017, 14:06

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    • 1. ABOUT
    • 2. ABILITYS
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    this build may not fit you so i wrote about possible changes aswell that could fit you and also be warned my english is not that good particularly stuff like gramma.

    Hello Guys,

    im Project Zedox Exile / Vnlotx Zedox Dominion Stalker on Jabbit (atm), i run this build nearly 80%-90% of the time and it moves very close to the current meta for stalkers.


    DMG Abilitys
    (T8 - main dmg)
    (Base - Healreduce)
    (Base - Extra DPS / Energybuff)
    (Base - DPS CD + Group Support)

    USEFULL Abilitys
    (Base - Stun)
    (T8 - Movement / Gap closer)
    (T4 - Self-Heal / Energybuff)
    (T4 - Safe Vanish)

    note: in the current meta for stalkers i see alots of Stalker playing with
    T8 i Personaly doesnt like it since you would give up lots of ultility for the T8. iLike to play 10 - 0 in BGs

    note: Since
    got "buffed" its an extremly nice cooldown with a kill-cd-reset but if you dont go for the kill you got 1 min cd and for wildstar 1 min is way to long with only 8 Abilitys so i dropped it.


    Precision - Extra 1k+ + more dmg / we take it simply becasue the dmg +.
    Onslaught - Attacking from behind grants + 8% Attackpower thats just awesome and boosts our dmg.
    Brutlity Mastery - if above 50% HP we get extra +6% dmg same as above just good dmg boost.
    Fatal Wounds - Crits applys dots nice if you are against stealthy classes you can see your dmg and know where he is and some extra dmg.
    Devastate - your crits deal extra dmg to target below 25%, its a very nice execute that even can make
    to deadly attacks.

    Hybrid A/U:
    Crippling Blows - CD abilities have a 50% chance to snares 35% for 5 sec nearly the only slow we have can only trigger by
    Assassin - if you for 3 sec in Stealth dmg wont break it anymore, in combination with
    an Save Stealth mid fight.
    Iron Man When hit by an CC effect you get an CC Amor and a 6,5% mov speed buff this saves you alot.

    Who's Next - breaking Stealth grants + 4% dmg for 5 sec nice dmg boost for the burst dmg we deal.
    Balanced - you can no longer be Dazed
    - (Base - DPS CD + Group Support)


    here are some Honorable Abilitiys.

    is a huge impact spell, i used it often in arena for the 50% healreduce debuff.

    is a really good skill becasue it can be used to chase, run away or stun i just like more to play with
    becasue if used on low targets it can trigger the AMP Devastate up to 4 times.

    is played by a big amount of people for a reason, its a aweseome skill if a had one slot more i would pick it.

    is a great option to play extrem safe, i just go with
    for the dps boost and party support.

    got nerfed with the F2P launch in dmg scale with AP and the T4 got halfed
    is becomming more and more popular skill because the T4 got changed, you can use it multiple time without having to reset the fight - keep in mind that you lose a lot of burst.

    this part was hard for me to explain because of my lack in english if you dont understand my reasons becasue of it feel free to ask me ingame.


    The Core Build should not be changed but
    can be changed to fit your playstyle.

    USEFULL Changes





    If you want more Control over your enemy you can drop
    and go for a second CC ability

    USEFULL Changes

    Build Libary

    This Content is old (from F2P Launch)

    Dont think i going to rewrite this.

    Meta Stalker


    Battleground Zergbuild

    MY Build

    Arena Build


    - high burst
    - safe stealth (
    T4 and Assassin)
    - good self heal (
    - CC Breaker (
    - high mobility ( thanks to Iron Man,
    T8 and

    - hard to play
    - meelee
    - squishy as f*ck
    - people hate you for this


    OLD Content

    you go mainly to burst down squishy targets or execute low targets.
    try to avoid fighting tanks for a longer duration.

    Basic Rotation:
    Stealth -
    (if skilled) -
    - ReStealth -

    dont forget that you can use
    (if skilled) between the rotation to apply a slow if your AMPCrippling Blows hasnt triggered.


    there are 3 possible and useful ways to rune i talk about every one of them so you can pick what you think is suit you the most

    1: Full Assassin
    these runes are the most Popluare runes and is aimed for a build that is based on
    DEVASTATION Runes with this runes you go for Earth and Fire runes Earth is used as Crit Sev to improve your crit spikes and Fire as Crit for your Crit Chance with this set you go for a maximazed Burst.
    You can add Garroter runes for the bonuses if you shit money

    2: Fighter
    these runes are are aimed for a build with
    PULS Runes or HAVOC Runes pick one since they do the same or go 4/6 of both each item with just big runes with this runes you go for Fire runes and Water runes Fire is Used as Crit Chance and Water for Multihit Chance with this runes you go for evenly dmg this is very effectiv to train healer or for some arena combs that are based to train healer or caster.

    3: Hybrid
    these runes take both of them above to crit high thanks to crit sev and thanks to the high crits the multi hits are higher aswell so we aim for a bursty build that has lower spikes than the Assassin Build but you still have evenly dmg but lower than the Fighter with this runes you can play both

    Fusion Runes:
    Weapon: Executioner - you deal additinal 1,4k dmg to targets below 30% dont need to be crits 2,5 cd
    Head: Blood Rage - 2% bonus dmg and lifesteal if you get lower the nummber goes up to 8%
    Chest: Flurry - Crits buff a Stackable buff for Multihit and Multihits buffs a stackable buff for Crit
    Hands: Punisher - Stuned is you deal with every dmg additional 1k dmg
    Boots: Quick Feet - after dashig you get 15% speed buff for 5 sec

    Stalker Runesets:
    there is an DMG and Tank PVP Runeset they both have extremly Strong Setbonis you should get them if you get the money for it.
    DMG: Garroter these runes have Earth Fire and Air that is usefull so we go for these as big runes and Fire and Earth again as small runes to get 8/8
    Tank: Contender these runes are tank based runes an so no one of this runes realy are usefull so you go 4 big runes to go 8/8

    Weapon: DEVASTATION 6/6 - Fusion: Executioner
    Head: DEVASTATION 6/6 - Fusion: Blood Rage
    Shoulder: GARROTER 8/8
    Chest: DEVASTATION 6/6 - Fusion: Flurry
    Hands: PULS Runes 4/6 - HAVOC Runes 4/6 - Fusion: Punisher
    Legs: CONTENDER 8/8 CYNOSURE 2/6
    Boots: PULS Runes 4/6 - HAVOC Runes 4/6 - Fusion: Quick Feet

    Note: i have two Stalker and run with one the Fighter and with the other the Engame Fanatasy



    The most well geared pvp Stalker Maxing there crit dmg but i feel its clunky if you crit with 250% its nice and feels strong super op and stuff like this but you have to count on your low ~16& crit chance what you have with it, so i choose to use my 30% Multistrike dmg (Base) and go for more crit so i have around the same max dmg but more reliable dmg.

    you get more than 16% crit and 250% crit dmg.

    1. 200% Crit DMG
    2. 20% Crit
    3. 20% Multistrike Chance
    4. 30% (Base) Multistrike DMG

    since Multistrike stacks good you only need a few times rune PULS Runes 4/6 - HAVOC Runes 4/6 in a few slots you get the 20% fast.



    - lets say your Base Crits without stats are 1000 -

    Having 16% crit and 250% crit dmg, if you crit with your "low" 16% chance you deal 1000 x 2,5 so you deal 2500 Crits with maxing crit dmg


    Having 200% Crit DMG, 20% Crit, 20% Multistrike Chance, (Base) Multistrike
    in case of no crit - 1000
    in cace of crit 1000x2 = 2000
    in case of multistrike 1000x0,3+1000 = 1300
    in case of crit and multstrike 2000x0,3 + 200ß = 2600

    so with the Hybrid like Build you still have every here and than extremly high crits but the focus it on having a better reliable dmg without loosing burst potential.


    i recommend those two:

    1. Impale Assist : shows the indicator of your
    range download here
    2. Stalker Zone : shows the back of the enemy download here


    i wrote this build/guide in order to kill some time but i had alot of fun and improvement for myself so i really want to upgrade this build/guide everytime the meta changes so if you hear about anything new write it down in the comments or write me a letter ingame i test it out and if its cool i write about it so please let me know how you do with this build i hope this can help you improve

    Edit: i havent played for around a Year after comming back a lot changed - just look at Ruin, Analyse Weakness, Punish and Impale i really like the new Punish/Imaple it feels way better to play.

    I Updated around 80% of this guide but since i havnt catched up to everything new since my break i plan another update asap

    ~ Zedox